San Francisco de Paula, Private Bilingual School in Seville, Spain

Throughout a series of posts we are going to mention outstanding references of Schools in Spain which include modules in relation with architecture, urbanism and landscape design as extracurricular options.

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San francisco de PaulaPrivate Bilingual School in Seville

This school was funded in 1885 and is based in a 17th century building in the historic center of Seville. It is a private educational institution, lay and ideologically independent. The school prepares every year more than a thousand children to become citizens of the world, responsable, supportive, free and cultured.

They used the new technologies and methodologies to facilitate a more practical education based on interpretation, creativity, innovation, multidisciplinary and team work.

The school offers a workshop to discover space and landscape from 3rd to 7th year students for 93€ per month. The workshop starts in october and finishes in may.

The workshop’s objective is to train the students using new ways and tools to sense, interpret and describe the space in a more enjoyable and innovative manner. Next a more detailed list of objectives:

  • To train the students using tools to increase their space capabilities so they will be able to manage object’s scales and relationships within the space in a more early stage of their lives.
  • To promote creativity and free use of space by developing their abilities to understand how the space’s organization works.
  • To extend their sensorial capabilities in order to be more sensible about the environment and their circumstances (social and environmental).
  • To stimulate abstract thinking by analyzing direct and indirect perceptions.
  • To allow reading of spacial data which cannot be seen (such as events) giving access to less obvious data. This will empower their narratives capabilities.

During this workshop, techniques coming from architecture, art, urbanism, geography, environmental science and media will be used so the students vocation about these space’s disciplines will be discovered at a more early stage.


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