The Convention – Social Council

Social Council of the Faculty of Architecture of Wroclaw University of Technology (FA WrUT)

On 15.05.2013 r. at Faculty of Architecture of Wroclaw University of Technology first meeting of Convention – Social Council of FA WrUT was held. Organization supports the Faculty by offering advisory services in order to increase integration of educational program with demands labor market. It comprises representatives of, in particular: state bodies, local government bodies, employers related to the profession of architect and urban planner, institutions which have significant influence on the profession of architect and urban planner, including Professional Associations, social organizations, scientific, professional and artistic association institutions and associations.

The key objectives of the Convent – Social Council are: consultation with its members of educational programs developed by the Faculty of Architecture in order to meet the current needs of the labor market, cooperation in the development of apprenticeship programs for Faculty of Architecture’s students and their implementation, cooperation in the field of international student exchange programs in order to implement the apprenticeship, involvement in the diploma evaluation as a professional environmental consultants and institutions interested in the topic of theses, participation in the monitoring process of the Faculty of Architecture graduate’s careers.

First part of the meeting was led by Head Dean of Faculty Prof. Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska, PhD Eng (Arch), second by newly selected chairman of Convention architect Edward Lach. Vice Dean of Studies Bogusław Wowrzeczka, PhD Eng (Arch) presented aims and objectives of the Council and regulation assumptions. After official part when members received notice of appointment and selected among themselves chairman – aforementioned – and vice-chairman – architect Agnieszka Szczepańska, the discussion began. It concerned changes at the Faculty, academic educational process, possible modifications, current labor market, graduates barriers and opportunities, links between professional chambers, business and University. There is no doubt that new members will very shortly take part in Faculty’s activities with new ideas and professional knowledge.

As an outcome of collaboration a lot of new perspectives can be opened for Faculty and most of all students and graduates. It is a positive phenomenon that will last much longer than time-frames of Leonardo 2012 project. It is going to affect educational process raising up its quality and standards of tutoring at Faculty of Architecture of WrTU.


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