Architecture Education Network


Open City is London’s leading Architecture Education Organisation, They run a number of educational initiatives which may be interesting to members of the network for example

Accelerate! Into University Mentoring Scheme
Accelerate! is a brand new mentoring programme for students in years 11 and 12 at London state schools, delivered in partnership with UCL and Make Architects, to widen access to higher education architecture-related courses.

Architecture in Schools Primary
Architecture in Schools: Primary is a comprehensive and packed programme for primary school students in year 5 and 6 (8-11 year olds). The programme brings students into contact with key pieces of exemplary London architecture. Building explorations encourage young people to become ‘architectives’, to look for clues, learn design skills and see ways in which people use space. This direct experience leads on to creative workshops in the classroom.

Architecture in Schools Secondary
Architecture and the built environment is something that has an impact on all our daily lives but it is the one thing we generally don’t learn about. Open-City has been delivering architecture education programmes for over 10 years and works with 3,000 young people a year. All of our education programmes are FREE to state schools and draw on our experience as a leader in the field of architecture education.

My Green School
My Green School is an initiative developed by Open-City to give children aged 7 to 11 across the UK the opportunity to learn about, and be inspired by sustainable architecture through first hand investigations of their own school building.

They also run a network – The Architecture Education Network (AEN), which brings together teachers and architects informally to unlock the potential of architecture as an educational experience. Seminars provide teachers and architects with opportunities to explore how architecture can be incorporated into a variety of learning contexts. Open-City encourages specialists to share their expertise, communicate their ideas, and generate fresh and innovative approaches to advance architecture education.

To find out more about them and their work visit


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