2nd Program Mobility: Vuste-Envis, Prague, Czech Republic

The second mobility was hosted by Vuste Envis in Prague.

The focus of this mobility was to look at internships in practice

Thursday 4th April 2013

The group met at Divus Prager Cabaret, an art gallery, cafe and offices , and home to a thriving artist community housed in  a former electricity company building. You can find out more about its history here

After welcoming the partners to Prague the group got to know the members from Belgium who were unable to attend the first meeting, you can find out more about them here 

Vuste Envis then detailed their work as a vocational training centre.  They talked about their experience hosting participants through the Leonardo mobility programme across the city. Their 10 years experience means they have a great deal of knowledge of the benefits these placements offer, both to the intern and the host organisation.

You can find out more about their work here – VUSTE ENVIS INTRO

After lunch the group got hear first hand from a number of interns about their experiences and ask them questions about the work they were given and how this helped them in their careers and practice.


Friday 5th April 2013

On friday morning we met at the Centre for Central European Architecture – CCEA to see some interns in action and hear from an employers perspective what benefits it brought.


The group then had a tour of ARCHIP, A new private international college offering Architectural programmes in English. The Dean of the school introduced the Czech architectural education system and gave us a tour, allowing the group to talk to existing students.  


The final visit of the mobility was to the exhibition of sustainable architetcure at the Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera which has a very interesting exhibition programme focussing ion the built environment

In the evening some of those behind the exhibition, Matthieu Jaccard,Studio & Brauen Wälchli, Ivan Koleček and Petr Kratochv gave a talk on the exhibition Distinction Romande d’Architecture 2010 at the Municipal Library in Prague.


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