3rd Program Mobility: Colaborativa, Córdoba, Spain

The third visit of the programme was hosted by Colaborativa in Córdoba, Spain in June 2013

The visit focused on two main topics: exploring new job opportunities for built environment graduates and making links between secundary school teachers, universities and businesses. The complete visit programme can be found at the following link: Córdoba’s Visit Programme.


We visited the School of Architecture of Málaga with Mª José Andrade (Coordinator for International Relations) and Eva Morales (Architect and Lecturer). We had the opportunity to enter one of the classes about historic refurbishing that were taking place in the university and talk with both lecturer and students about job opportunities. Also Eva Morales introduced us to a graduated architect who explained to us real city projects in which students are involved, such as “La casa invisible”, a self-managed cultural and social center. The importance of social problems in spanish architecture schools was clearly shown by the students themselves.

Asociación Leonardo-Córdoba junio 2013


We visited the Colegio Virgen del Carmen with Juan Robert Fernández (teacher), Rafael Herránz and Antonio Lara (local architects) and Carmen Cerezo (local architect). Both local businesses and secondary teachers had the opportunity to share their work and to establish links for future collaborations. The partners’ feedback was very positive and useful for participants. Also a future students’ program was initiated between Colegio Virgen del Carmen and some of the partners.

Asociación Leonardo-Córdoba junio 2013


We had the final meeting and group discussions. Each partner presented their latest work in relation with VET. We also defined the topic and date for next partners’ visits.

Asociación Leonardo-Córdoba junio 2013


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