4th Program Mobility: ULB, Brussels, Belgium

The fourth visit in the projects program was hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of Université Libre de Bruxelles from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th November 2013.

The Brussels Program was jam packed with visits starting with two Theatres – both very different.


Modern Architecture of Brussels >

BRONKS YOUTH THEATRE BRUSSELS designed and presented by MDMA Martine De Maeseneer Architects, finalist in MIES VAN DER ROHE AWARD 2011, building located 15-17 rue du Marché aux Porcs, 1000 Brussels 02 219 99 21 info@bronks.be http://www.bronks.be

photo 2

KVS BOL-BOX& CAFÉ CONGO, The Brussels City Theatre designed by Architect BOA Jan Van Dessel, building located Arduinkaai 9 quai aux Pierres de Taille, 1000 Brussels 02 210 11 00 info@kvs.be http://www.kvs.be/

Heritage was a strong focus >

VILLA EMPAIN – BOGHOSSIAN FOUNDATION designed by MA2 Metzger & Associés Architecture, 1st prize Cultural Heritage European Union – Europa Nostra 2011, European Prize for Architecture Philippe Rothier 2011, building located 67 Av. Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels 02 627 52 30 info@boghossianfoundation.be, http://www.villaempain.com/

Work meeting Part1 & Discussions at University Campus Solbosch located UA6, U Building, 6th Floor, “Jury” Room, Solbosch Campus ULB, http://www.ulb.ac.be/campus/solbosch/plan-U.html


Work meeting Part2 & Discussions at Faculté d’Architecture located RG19, 19 Place Flagey 1050 Brussels +32 (2) 640 96 96 secretariat-doyen.archi@ulb.ac.be http://www.archi.ulb.ac.be/

Whilst visiting the architecture faculty at ULB the project team learnt about various initiatives including >

Faculty of Architecture, Teaching & Research

The Leonardo Mobilities program FoCEJA III_Formation Complémentaire Européenne pour Jeunes Architectes http://www.archi.ulb.ac.be/international/mobilite-jeunes-diplomes

ALICE Lab (Computer lab for design and architecture) http://www.alicelab.be

FAB LAB MOBILE http://aweek.be/fr/programme/exposition/fab-lab-mobile

The Mobile Fab Lab

The Mobile Fab Lab

Looking at ULB's FabLab

Looking at ULB’s FabLab

As well as seeing some teaching labs in progress > DESIGN PROCESS LAB

Observing sessions at ULB

Observing sessions at Design Process courses in Faculty of Architecture


Urbanism & Education >

Architectural Studios of the Faculty, BA3 Architectural Studio, Rehabilitation of Brussels barracks in students housing, http://atelierba3.wordpress.com/communications/

CIVA Centre International pour la Ville, l’Architecture et le paysage, International Centre for Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape, building located 55 Kluisstraat Rue de l’Ermitage +32 (0)2 642 24 50 info@civa.be   www.civa.be

Urbanism & Vocational Training >

]pyblik[, Training for designers and administrations active in the territory of Brussels’ Region, http://www.pyblik.be

BRUSSELS MASTER CLASS, 2013 END OF LINE, https://www.facebook.com/BrusselsMasterClasses, event located 3 rue Picard 1000 Brussels,http://www.tour-taxis.com/fr/

Brussels’ Historical Center > http://visitbrussels.be


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