‘Inspire Scholarship Scheme’ with bConstructive


bConstructive brings together information that can help lead to a rewarding and exciting career in the construction industry.

Through bConstructive, young people can apply for apprenticeships and find out what working in construction is really like. Find out more and apply on the apprenticeships page

bConstructive is also involved with the Inspire Scholarship Scheme. The scheme is to support undergraduates who want to work in the industry in the Contracting Sector, with the scholar receiving £1,000 per annum for up to three years. Scholars should expect to work with their sponsoring employer every summer to gain valuable paid work experience. 

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Birmingham City University’s Co:LAB (collaborate+Practice) is an innovative teaching module combining undergraduate and postgraduate students from both architecture and landscape disciplines, to produce a dynamic ad cross-disciplined cohort as well as encourage peer to peer learning.

It seeks to directly engage students with industry, individuals an groups outside their discipline area, engaging with a broad creative network with real-life learning experience.

You can find out more about the projects they get involved with here

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Córdoba’s Visit Programme · June 2013

This week we will be holding the third partnership meeting in Córdoba (Spain) hosted by Colaborativa.eu. The complete visit programme can be found at the following link: Córdoba’s Visit Programme.

In summary we will be visiting…

Wednesday 5th June at Málaga: we will be visiting the School of Architecture of Málaga with Mª José Andrade (Coordinator for International Relations) and Eva Morales (Architect and Lecturer)

Thursday 6th June at Córdoba: we will be visiting the Colegio Virgen del Carmen with Juan Robert Fernández (teacher), Rafael Herránz and Antonio Lara (architects) and Carmen Cerezo (architect).

Friday 7th June at Córdoba: we will be holding the final meeting and group discussions.