The group will visit Colaborativa in June 2013

Background information

Colaborativa is a design and social action agency building handcrafted technology. They colaborate with people, communities and companies in real projects that make a difference. Colaborativa  believe in design and technology as a tool for social, cultural and economic change.

Their cultural activities encourage debates and actions to improve our built environment. They are constantly involved in collective projects in Córdoba to recover abandoned publicly owned spaces and have also a continuous activity in non-formal built environment training.

Colaborativa’s team consists of Architect Javier Burón and Software & Electronic Engineer Magda Sánchez.

For the seminar we are interested in using free 3D modelling tools as an attractive way for young people to analyse and understand their immediate urban environment, enriching the skills of local communities for communicating their ideas about physical space. We would also like to learn other organisations’ experience of co-ordinating work placements in private companies as this could be a useful experience for some of the unemployed citizens of Cordoba in future.

Social context: We are contributing to regenerating and improving the less-favoured neighbourhoods of the City of Cordoba. We are currently working with neighbours recovering an abandoned publicly owned space and transforming it into a open vegetable garden. This space has been abandoned during the past 20 years.


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