Midlands Architecture and the Designed Environment (MADE) is a Registered Charity and not-for-profit educational and cultural organisation. We are an architecture centre which helps residents, young people, artists and architects to work together to improve their town/city. We provide vocational training for built environment professionals and young people, and we support secondary school teachers (of vocational education) with work experience placements for their students.

MADE works in the West Midlands area of the UK, which has a population of 5.1 million people, half of whom live in the urban conurbation of Birmingham/Coventry/Black Country. The region’s capital Birmingham has the most diverse and the youngest population of any UK city. The urban area is home to much former industry, derelict sites, busy ring roads and poor housing, and is characterised by low aspirations and low educational achievement. MADE targets our activities to such areas and communities, where we work with residents to improve the design quality of their local neighbourhoods an improve the life skills of disaffected young people. This project will address the specific needs of unemployed people entering the labour market and of teachers of vocational subjects in areas of disadvantage.


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