Accelerate into University with Open City

Accelerate session

Open City is London’s leading architecture education organisation. They champion the value of well-designed places and spaces in making a liveable and vibrant city, and the role everyone plays within it.

Accelerate into University was launched in 2012. This free pioneering programme for students in Year 11 and 12 at London state schools is aimed at those who would benefit from mentoring and skills enhancement, to support their ambitions to pursue a career in architecture or the built environment.

So far Accelerate into University has enabled forty four, young Londoners aged 15-17 years to reach their full potential and improve their access to Higher Education across the Built Environment shaping professions. 85% of the year 12’s that participated have gained conditional offers to study architecture and related subjects at university, including UCL, Cambridge, Cardiff, Manchester and Westminster.

For more information, visit the programme page.

Or for general information, visit the Open City website


‘ArchiGRAD’ helps graduates into employment


ArchiGRAD began in 2010 as a response to the increasing number of unemployed graduates in the built environment. The scheme is in association with Northern Architecture, +3 Architecture, Northumbria University and Newcastle University.

In 2012, ArchiGRAD launched Summer Schools, getting 36 university students work experience with local practices.

Currently, GRADs are involved in the following activities:

  • Design projects
  • Research projects
  • Portfolio Speed Dating
  • Individual portfolio tips
  • Social events
  • Competitions, internal and external
  • Access to other consultants
  • Access to office CPD events
  • Live Builds
  • Presentations to real clients

For more information and to get involved, visit the ArchiGRAD website

Or to contact Northern Architecture, who support the scheme:



Birmingham City University’s Co:LAB (collaborate+Practice) is an innovative teaching module combining undergraduate and postgraduate students from both architecture and landscape disciplines, to produce a dynamic ad cross-disciplined cohort as well as encourage peer to peer learning.

It seeks to directly engage students with industry, individuals an groups outside their discipline area, engaging with a broad creative network with real-life learning experience.

You can find out more about the projects they get involved with here

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Announcing successful completion of seminaries series

A new initiative by the Faculty of Architecture WrUT has ended successfully.

The seminaries held between 01.04.2013-30.11.2013  for tutors titled: „Architecture, Preservation of Monuments, Spatial Planning’ dealt with professional issues in English.

Seminars have been co-financed by the Faculty of Architecture WrUT, and a grant from the Lower Silesia province’s target budget.

They aimed to provide scientific presentations and discussion with using English language, considering: technical vocabulary, subject-matter, present day, history, connected with architect and urban planner professions.

The reports – essential and financial – are currently in progress, as well as a feature in the informative publication for county-wide of magazine of WrUT.

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The I and II cycle of seminaries – chosen meetings (fot by. J. Jablonska, 2013)

New VET initiative at Wroclaw Faculty of Technology – Workshop group

Leonardo plakat grupa warsztatwa_v5 lekki

The issues of the workshops will be concentrated on problems reported by various institutions, mainly the city authorities.

The idea of the workshops is to integrate people of different experience, which can be sheared between participants in order to improve and expand their knowledge and creativity. This process will be supported with the knowledge provided by experts, who will be invited to participate.

The aim of the workshops is active participation. Members may gain new experience, learn how to co-operate with others and to solve real-life problems that occur in everyday life of an architect.

The subject of the workshops will be focused on the everyday aspects of architect’s work such as architecture competitions, city development plans, social projects and other issues that occur due to needs of public institutions.

The participants are grad students and postgraduates of Faculty of Architecture WrUT. The other group that has been invited to participate are graduates who jet do not have a professional license.

Interdisciplinary profile of workshop will be provided by invitations of students from other faculties as sociology, economy, policy, planners – as many as needed to give a proper solution.

The tutors who have been invited to participate in the workshops are young architectural studios owners who would like to share their work experience but also know how to get commission, co-operate with other architects or work in a team.


Architecture clubs in schools

arch clubc copy

MADE has been thinking about ways to develop architecture clubs in schools in order to expand our education programme to a wider age range of young people.

This is an interesting model,2545,EV.html

You can see more about it here

We also looked at how it has been done for other sectors- the engineering profession also has an interesting initiative via STEMNet (teaching for Science, Engineering and Maths) using Stem Clubs – see